Employees Talk About

How to be a BEL EMPLOYEE

What do they say about their experience working at Bel? Our employees have the word.

“We feel that our opinion counts. One of the biggest motivations that we have is to feel that the company counts on our contribution in every project or action.”

Josué Ramos, Financial Controlling Man

“It is a great victory to be yourself, in an international company, which constantly helps us to improve our performance as a professional and as a person, despite obstacles and differences between all.”

Elita Vingadas, Planning Specialist

“In Bel, the daily challenge is to overcome and surpass our limits, to do what has not yet been done; find the positive side in every adversity and turn it into an opportunity.”

Luís Vieira, Area Field Sales Manager

“Rowing hard, yes! stronger, beyond
Moving from dream to reality
The one whom the island does not know
The one who fights a
of the greatest forces of nature,
with the eagerness to tie the island to the world
One who sees on BEL island the reality”

António Silva Furtado, Project Leader, Maintenance & New Project

“A company with great ambitions, that bets on its employees so that they can achieve their best. And it pays great attention to family values, giving every possible support so that each of us can achieve a professional and personal stability. Which makes us want to do more and better.”

Filipa Augusto, Specialized Operator

“Working at BEL is accepting the premise that every new project has to be a winner! It is to believe that, in a team and in an excellent work environment, a project can and should be carried out as well as possible. It is to be sure that BEL will do everything to boost our individual capacities by investing in training in the most diverse areas, as well as by putting at our disposal the best working tools. Thus, it becomes easy to be successful. In fact, I am very proud to have joined this company, I feel I have made a Bel’option!”

Tiago Viveiros, Vet

“Working at Bel is working in a demanding and rigorous company (essential to keeping us in the lead) that simultaneously takes care of its employees – a human company with a high sense of social responsibility, a Family Responsible Company. This is the secret of our commitment, ambition and demand. These are the values that I review every day. It is a great pleasure to be part of the BEL Family.”

Paula Amaral, Marketing Manager Terra Nostra & Corporate Communication

“The organization’s commitment of our employees’ work allows us to grow and be better prepared to respond to the permanent challenges.”

Sérgio Maia, Lean Project Coordinator