Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small data file which some websites store on your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie may contain information such as a user identifier which the website uses to verify which pages you visit, but the only personal information a cookie may contain is that provided by you. A cookie cannot read data from your hard drive nor read other cookies created by other websites. Some parts of our website use cookies to keep a track of the pages you visit. We use this information to verify the utility and easiness of use of our website and to verify if you have permission to access certain services.

Should you prefer not to receive cookies when you visit our website, you may configure your browser to warn you before cookies are registered on your harddrive and refuse them when alerted about their presence. You may also reject all cookies by configuring your browser, although such may prevent you from consulting some sections of our website.

How do we use them and what do we use them for?
Here is a table summarising the various types of cookies that we are able to use for the website: For fluid use of the website, to be able to view suitable content firstly and to benefit from a better display of the website, we invite you to understand how are these cookies are used and aimed at providing you with a better quality service.

Mandatory cookies for operation of the website: These are necessary for the proper operation of the platform. They are designed to meet the needs of key services such as secure connection and defining privacy preferences. You can allow or block these cookies directly in your browser but in the latter case you may not be able to use the platform in its entirety.

Analytics cookies: These cookies allow us to assess the website traffic and develop resources to improve performance. All data gathered by Analytics cookies is anonymous and is crucial to our management of the website, and in delivering a quality experience to you, by enabling us to discover problems and make improvements to the site and the content. As they have no impact on yourself, and are highly important to us we believe we have a legitimate interest in automatically serving these cookies when you land on the site.