Bel is a leading company in the food industry in Portugal and it follows the highest standards in all areas of activity. Through our brands – Limiano, Terra Nostra, A Vaca que Ri, Babybel, Go Go Squeeze – we offer the Portuguese families healthy and convenient products.

The Code of Good Business Practice as well as all instituted procedures and practices mirror our ethical commitment to the development of our relationships with the group of stakeholders linked to our activity: collaborators, clients, shareholders, suppliers and communities in which we are present.

Every Bel professional has the duty to comply with and acquaint themselves with these documents and collaborate towards its implementation, as well as report the possible non-compliances that they become aware of – which we also ask of all stakeholders.

Taking into consideration the international dimension of the Bel Group, these principles and practices are universal and making them public is part of our commitment as a responsible company which aims to create value for society.

Bel has an international, confidential and free telephone service that allows you to report directly to Grupo Bel any theft, fraud or any other irregularity you wish to report: 800 831 302 (24h/7Days) ) – Organization Code: 103 29 72


Every received complaint will be handled in a confidential manner (when legislation allows for it), always protecting the person who makes the complaint.