Company History

Bel Portugal specialises in dairy products. Many of our brands have been a part of the eating habits of the Portuguese for generations.

The designation “Fromageries Bel Portugal”, previously called Lacto Ibérica, was adopted in January 2004, due to the purchase by the Bel group.

Several different dairy companies were merged into Bel Portugal, such as Lacto Lusa, S.A, Lacto Lima, S.A., Lacto Açoreana, S.A., Agrolactea, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. and Lacticínios Loreto.

Nowadays, Bel Portugal owns two factories: Vale de Cambra (Portuguese mainland) and Ribeira Grande (S. Miguel – Azores, in which milk, UHT milk, butter and industrial products such as powdered milk and whey are produced). In the manufacturing unit of Ribeira Grande we produce the Terra Nostra and Loreto cheese brands and the Terra Nostra free grazing milk.

In Vale de Cambra unit we produce the Limiano and Pastor cheese brands. It is also in this factory that you can find the slicing unit which is used by every brand of the company.