Family-Friendly Company

Being a company that recognizes the family as the great pillar of society is part of Bel's vision. And it is part of their culture to create the mechanisms so that employees internally feel like a family.

Celebrate responsibility with family

In order to further establish this commitment, Bel began in 2014 the path to its certification as a Family-Responsible Company by Fundación Más Familia[1], which promotes reconciliation and equality. It was at the end of 2015 that Bel became the first consumer company in Portugal to obtain this certification.

During the 2015-2018 cycle, Bel Portugal had the opportunity to reinforce its conciliation measures in the 6 basic pillars of this certification:

1. Quality in employment;
2. Temporal and spatial flexibility;
3. Family support;
4. Personal and professional development;
5. Equal opportunities;
6. Leadership and leadership styles

These policies resulted in a first phase of 79 measures, reported in all factories and offices. To this end, a team of EFR ambassadors was created to mobilize employees and enrich the experience of this process.

This certification recognizes Bel’s commitment to valuing the employee as an integral part of a family, recognizing and protecting the right to a good balance between personal life, family life and professional life.

Every year, Bel celebrates Family Day in all its locations, a day dedicated to aligning priorities, sharing achievements, disseminating new measures within the EFR and, above all, a lot of interaction among the Bel family’s employees.

In 2016, Bel Portugal successfully passed the cycle of follow-up audits towards the renewal of the EFR certification.


1 The Fundación MásFamilia created the certification “efr” – Family-Friendly Companies, a management tool that aims to promote the reconciliation between work and family life. More information here.

The EFR certification, a reason of great pride

In Bel we want that our employees have a good balance between their professional, family and personal life. We aim for each one to achieve maximum professional achievement and we work daily in this direction. Being the first company of consumer goods (FMCG) in Portugal with this certification as Family Responsible Company is the recognition of this work. The director's vision inspires us daily to go further, in a resilient way, a mandatory condition for success. The level of commitment and satisfaction of our employees, with equal distribution in the various populations (operational, management, age, local) is our best reward!

Emília Roseiro

Human Resources Director