Bel Trainees

What are our trainees saying about Bel?

Being an intern at Bel is having the opportunity to grow and simultaneously be an agent of change. Our trainees participate directly in the projects and assume responsibility for them, contributing with ideas and solutions that make the difference. It is a path of constant professional learning and development.

« In Bel I was very welcomed and integrated. In human resources, where I am in training, I am involved in several processes that allow us to have a real idea of the world of work.

It is noteworthy that Bel has a concern with its employees and their well-being, having a Family-Friendly Company certification, which I am proud to belong. »


Carolina Almeida, Human Resources Trainee

« Integrating the team of new product development and new processes is synonymous with happiness and satisfaction, as I have the privilege to support the creation and innovation of products always with the objective of doing more and better, and thus guarantee the satisfaction of Portuguese families. With dedication and commitment I will continue to write the chapters of my story. I feel like I belong to the BEL family. »


Joana Matos, New Products and Processes Development Department Trainee

« A unique experience that has only generated and added value, both professionally and personally. Since the induction week, I was very well received and integrated into the company, with presentations that allowed me to quickly acquire a general knowledge about BEL, its values, products and business areas. Everyone is fully (and truly) available to listen and help, demonstrating tremendous confidence in our abilities. Working at BEL has been very challenging and motivating, and I hope I can make a positive contribution to the company’s growth. »


Miguel Caleiras, Trade Marketing Trainee

« When I was challenged to prepare my thesis internship in Bel-Portugal, I felt it would be an excellent opportunity to continue my development, not only as a professional, but as a person as well. I have learned professional and personal aspects that are not learned academically and that I will certainly take with me for the rest of my life. »


Sérgio Ferreira, Maintenance Trainee

« An act, a daring
And i would say,
Who cares creates
And who is committed to its creation
Defines a temporal act,
With the following expression:
The transparency of various smiles
For the work that is worthy,
For being made as a team.
In daring environments,
We act in group, smiling! »


Inês Marques, Marketing Trainee A Vaca Que Ri