International Presence

Since 2015, Bel has created a strategic plan with the symbolic goal of doubling its value until 2025. The focus of this ambitious plan is to accelerate the group's sustainable and global growth.

Bel is a family multinational company of French origin, which turned a traditional product, cheese, into an innovative concept. Our fun and healthy products, which we adapt to the existing various consumption habits, are appealing to consumers all over the world. Bel’s economic model is based on the strength of its universal or local differentiated brands. They are the heart of the company’s development strategy, which combines a long-term vision with a sustainable performance and international growth.

The company employs more than 12,000 people of 36 nationalities in 30 production centres, 3 Research & Development centres and 33 offices all over the world. Our brands are present in almost 130 countries.