Limiano – A Family Love Brand

Limiano is genuine & authentic. With almost 60 years of existence, it’s a brand that has passed from generation to generation.

Limiano is distinguished by its soft taste and its buttery texture, appreciated by the whole family.

By combining its values of Authenticity and Tradition, Limiano knew how to evolve and stand out as a contemporary brand for today’s families. With Limiano, come the memories of the grandparents’ house, of good dinners and conviviality, and of good stories that we will never forget.

The slightly imperfectly-shaped ball is an icon of the brand, which has joined a range of products extended to various occasions of consumption and necessities, such as slices, semi-hard cheese and grated cheese. Today, Limiano, is the favorite cheese brand of the Portuguese.

Limiano is the cheese that is part of the family and being part of the family means being trusted and having a defined identity.

The brand’s mission is to inspire families to bond more with each other, by promoting true moments of sharing and union, perfectly imperfect, just like Limiano’s ball, slightly imperfectly-shaped! Because living in family is much more than sharing the same roof, it is creating moments that unite us, like we share a slice of Limiano… Because after all, even imperfect, we are all slices from the same ball!


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