GoGo squeeZ – It’s fruit to go!

Made with 100% fruit, GoGo squeeZ's mission is to provide fun, delicious and nutritious snacks for kids that are easy to take anytime, anywhere, worry-free!

Launched in Portugal in November 2017, GoGo squeeZ is the snack that even the busiest families can enjoy, wherever they are!

Delicious and nutritious, it is made with nothing but fresh fruit and a little juice, contains only the sugars naturally present in the fruit, has no colorings or preservatives and is gluten free.

The practical packaging aims to combine the healthy with the portable, while bringing fun to snacks. GoGo squeeZ pouches are easy to open and reseal and can be stored with no fridge needed and are the ideal solution for parents to pack in their children’s bags and the most fun way to help them eat fruit.

The brand is commonly recognized by its consumers through its family of mascots and its iconic helicopter cap – an innovative design that allows the use of less plastic. As well as being fun, the heli-cap shape also allows children to easily open their own GoGo squeeZ pouch, making it a double win!

Available in a single 90G format or in a pack of 4 pouches of 90G, GoGo squeeZ presents a range of six distinct flavors: Apple, Banana, Strawberry, Peach, Berries and Tropical Fruits.

Each pouch is equivalent to one of 3 to 5 recommended daily portions of fruit. So just squeeze the pouch and enjoy it.

GoGo squeeZ believes in snacks that can travel and keep up with kids, wherever they go. It’s simple: if they can’t stand in the same place…GoGo squeeZ goes with them!