Terra Nostra – The Good, Well Done

Terra Nostra was born as a cheese brand, being today a dairy brand. With over 60 years of history, Terra Nostra takes us to the Island of Happy Cows every day through the naturalness of its origin - "Welcome to the Azores".

More than a brand, Terra Nostra symbolizes its origin – the Azores, the land of happy cows. A pearl in the middle of the Ocean, with a pure Atlantic rain that irrigates the volcanic earth of the archipelago, and that preserves all year the green pastures and the fresh grass. Grass that feeds our cows, which live outdoors in community 365 days a year. Happy Cows give rise to a high quality and nutritionally rich milk that the brand offers to consumers in the form of Cheese, Milk and Butter.

The brand presents a wide range of different formats in cheese like ball, bar, slices and grated cheese, and all of them with Full of Flavor, naturally! In addition to the original recipe, Terra Nostra also has a Light range with less than 50% fat and a Gourmet recipe that results from a prolonged healing process for the consumers that search for a more intense flavor.

Terra Nostra launched recently in the market the first Free Grazing Milk, exclusive from certified producers of Happy Cows Milk Program. A pure and rich milk from happy cows that live in the open air and eat fresh grass 365 days per year.

In butter, Terra Nostra distinguish for its pure taste and naturalness, without dyes. Regarding the butter Terra Nostra 365 days of grazing is made with milk cream from happy cows and salt, nothing more!

Terra Nostra transports the naturality of the Azores for our daily lives, in nutritional rich products and full of flavor. This is our origin.

Alongside pride in its origin, the brand has the ambition to be a green brand, an example of sustainability and naturality, with relevant and differentiated value propositions for consumers, promoting a fair supply chain based on value creation. To do the Good, Well Done is our mission.

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