Laughing Cow

More than 90 years and continues to smile and make us smile!


Laughing Cow, an historic brand of Bel, was born in France in 1921 by the hands of León Bel. Ours cheese triangles were a revolutionary innovation at the time, because they were the first portions that were packed individually, that could preserved and that were easy to carry.

Other characteristic that makes this brand unique is the original logo, designed by the illustrator Benjamin Rabier: a red cow, with earrings and always smiling.

Anyway, the success of the product not only came from the unique attributes of the packaging and brand design, but also from the unique quality and flavor of the product. Laughing Cow cheese became a huge success, making possible achieve across borders and conquering international markets.

Laughing Cow nowadays

Laughing Cow is the 4th best-selling cheese brand in the world!

Present in 136 countries, Laughing Cow is an universal brand, adapted to all consumers, offering products with good quality, nutritionally rich and very funny. Nowadays, Laughing Cow can be found in various formats, not only in triangle portions, but also in Pick & Croq (composed by grissini of toasted bread and accompanied with cheese). This last format is perfect to consume inside or outside of home.

Laughing Cow in Portugal

In Portugal, the brand is recognized for its good disposition and its delicious smile. It’s the third cheese brand most sold in the Portuguese market and the first brand in the “cheese to spread” segment. In the products portfolio we have the portions (original and light), Pick and Croq, cuvetes (original and light) and slices (original, cheddar and light).

Laughing Cow, with a large portfolio, offers excellent options for nutritious and very fun snacks!

Nutritionally good:

  • Rich in calcium and protein source. The calcium contributes to healthy bones and teeth, especially for children. The proteins have an important role in cognitive development, growth and satiety.
  • Dairy products and cereals are part of the food circle (roda dos alimentos), which refers that we must eat 2/3 portions of dairy products per day.

A good snack for children and adults:

  • A delicious and creamy Laughing Cow cheese – fun, nutritious and tasty;
  • Easy and practical to transport in your schoolbag or suitcase – to eat/appreciate during the snack, at school, at home… = can be out of the fridge, perfect to consume “on-the-go”;
  • A complete snack must have: 1 dairy product, 1 carbohydrate, 1 piece of fruit and water, of course.


Ninety years after it’s creation, the mystery remains about why Laughing Cow is laughing, but we know the name origin. The cheese name “Laughing Cow” goes back to the world war. León Bel, the brand creator, was at the time a driver of a truck that was supplying meat and, for funny and to make jokes with the Germans and their Valkyries, a red ox laughing was designed in the truck. León Bel took advantage of this idea and, when the company was created, he adopted the idea of having a logo with a draw of a red cow laughing and decided to call Laughing Cow.

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