Mini Babybel – THE SUPER SNACK

Mini Babybel ® is the sixth biggest brand in semi hard cheese segment, and is present in 76 countries all over the world. The ingredients for the success of this super snack are a simple and healthy recipe, with only 4 ingredients: milk (98%), a pinch of salt, starters and rennet.

Mini Babybel ® is a little cheese made with 98% milk, rich in calcium and proteins, with no added preservatives nor additives. This funny and tasty snack, is convenient to eat everywhere, easy to carry and proper to be on your lunch box. It is the hero of balanced and healthy snacks which must always include a glass of water, one dairy, one piece of fruit or cereals.

Mini Babybel makes the difference with its wax cover, which more than protecting the cheese quality and flavour, is a source of imagination when kids want to play.

Mini Babybel cheeses are available in the following formats: Mini Babybel Original in nets of 6 and 12 cheeses, Mini Babybel Light in nets of 6 and 12 cheeses, Mini Babybel Bio nets of 5 cheeses.

For more complete snack to be always next to you, Babybel has to delitious and nutritive options: Babybel Cheese & Crackers which has 1 tasty Mini Babybel Original and 1 sachet with crispy crackers; and for the ones who looks for balanced meal and high in protein, Babybel Cheese & Protein Mix is the snack for the nevereding days, with 1 Mini Babybel Light and 1 sachet of grapes and almonds.

Finally, Babybel has just launched a new product, Babybel Mini Rolls, which is a nutritive snack and completely innovative in way of consumption, free from added preservatives or additives.

Mini Babybel Light keeps the tasty flavour of Mini Babybel Original, and has 48% less fat. With 42 kcal per cheese, naturally rich in proteins, with no added preservatives nor additives, it stands as a good snack to eat between meals.

A more complete snack to have on hand is Babybel Cheese & Crackers: 1 tasty Mini Babybel Original cheese and 1 sachet of crispy crackers.

Looking to reinforce its naturality and sustainability, Mini Babybel extended its portfolio and launched a new product: Mini Babybel Bio. It is available in nets of 5 cheeses, made with 100% organic milk, from cows fed without GMO.

Mini Babybel Bio, alike Mini Babybel Original and Light is free from lactose, free from gluten, suitable for vegetarians, being differentiated by the type of milk used, which is 100% organic.

Babybel is implementing action plans to reduce its environmental impact at every stage of the product life cycle, from design until end-of-life management. We highlight some of the measures already implemented or about to:

  • Use of Nature tainably managed forests (PEFC, FSC) and it is made from a home compostable material.
  • The coating applied to the material is chlorine-free and selected to meet the standard for biodegradation.

Mini Babybel, to snack everywhere.

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