Boursin – A cheese that stimulates all your senses! Pure pleasure!

Creamy, yet crumbly Boursin Cheese is a delicate Gournay Cheese infused with flavour and perfect for all the occasions, turning in an intense flavour that satisfies all the passion food lovers.

Boursin is a brand with its origin from France with more than 50 years of history.

Perfect to impress your guests Boursin Garlic & Herbs is a delicious blend of delicate garlic, fragrant parsley, and mild chives artfully folded into authentic Gournay Cheese and wrapped in our signature foil.

Slightly crumbly, but mostly creamy—Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese spreads easily onto your favorite cracker, pairs perfectly with most wines, and complements almost any recipe.

With Boursin each moment is unique and full of pleasure, consisting in a treat for your moments among family and friends or even for yourself.