Management Team Portugal

Bel Portugal’s Board Team is led by Ana Cláudia Sá and includes 9 members, each of whom is responsible for a certain area. Together they manage the strategy towards delivering value to the society and fulfilling our mission: Together, we deliver the best of milk to more and more families, Sharing Smiles!

Bel is a family-oriented multinational company, with strong values such as Daring, Caring and Commitment, for our employees. This is the spirit that guides us – building a collaborative culture among our 500 employees in Portugal and 12,000 all over the world. We believe in a sustainable business model, based on an ambitious and sustained growth strategy and on our collaborators’ enthusiasm.

Bel Portugal bets on the mobilization of people’s potential as a way of creating value. Our irreverent, innovative dynamic has got as its underlying principle sustainability for future generations: health, nutrition, environment, social and economic. The strong external and internal collaborative culture, more than Bel Portugal Family’s identity, is itself, the greatest development pillar of the organization. The smiles we deliver through our products and communication reflect quality, commitment and truth and, above all, are the conviction that the happiness of the people we approach is our purpose and mission.

Ana Cláudia Sá

General Manager

Bel Portugal is a unique company, because every day challenges are viewed as opportunities and every hindrance is viewed as a chance to improve. We are market leaders not only due to our unique products, but also thanks to all the teams which, on a daily basis, strive to make a difference. We all work towards the “magical” growth equation – 1+1=3

José Faísca

Sales Director

Bel’s main goal is to be the most innovative dairy company. We count on the strength of our brands Limiano, Terra Nostra, The Laughing Cow and Babybel to leverage our concerns regarding social responsibility which are part of BEL’s values, in our relationships with stakeholders and the communities where we are present and sell our products.

Eduardo Vasconcelos

Purchasing Director

Our brands are acknowledged and preferred by the Portuguese consumers. The bonds created with families, our ability to innovate and our determination to create value and have a sustainable business strategy allow us to grow and feed this preference. The mission of the Human Resources team is to develop the organization and the people so that they can adjust to the business’s needs. We aim to enhance our collaborative culture based on our strong values: Dare, Care and Commit. The enthusiasm, energy and pride of our employees is the fuel of our growth.

Emília Roseiro

Human Resources Director

Bel Portugal is an innovative company. Our company cares about people, promotes teamwork and has an ongoing focus on industrial performance and the development of new products and packaging solutions for our consumers to build a sustainable future for our two local brands: Limiano and Terra Nostra.

Jos Kok

Industrial Director

Bel Portugal’s main asset are its people who are capable of doing remarkable things while working as a team. Working for these great national and international brands is both an enormous responsibility and a pleasure, as we see the new developed products establish themselves in the market and the quality of the products with which the consumers are very familiar asserting itself through its consistency.

Rui Baptista

Quality and Development Director

Bel is a responsible company with strong brands which are dear to consumers. Our growth comes from the superiority of our products, the commitment that we, employees, have to the company and our ability to innovate and communicate with the consumers.

Paula Gomes

Marketing Director

Our leading brands demand leading plants! In the Vale de Cambra plant, every year, 12,500 tons of cheese as well as 4,000 tons of industrial sub products are packed in various kinds of packaging and marketed. Our ambition is to produce more and more with maximum quality, flexibility and safety, while respecting the environment, turning this plant into a national reference. The continuous development of our employees and processes as well as the enhancement of our Values (Dare, Care and Commit) are what propels us and make us grow.

João Lourenço

Vale de Cambra Plant Director

We collect the best Milk, produce the best Cheese in collaboration with a Fantastic Team which reflects Commitment, Professionalism, Daring and Social Responsibility 365 days per year. Who are we? We are BEL!

José Miguel Brandão

Finance & IT Director